About the 4 C's

Each of the 4 Cs (Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat) play a role in the beauty of a diamond, although it is difficult to decipher a component on its own. Taken together, the 4 Cs interact with each other within each diamond. As a general rule, the most important thing when selecting a diamond is the Cut, since this greatly impacts the symmetry and brilliance of a diamond, likewise if we consider the balance between Color and Clarity it will result in a perfect diamond regardless of carat. .

What are the 4 C’s of diamonds?

The 4 Cs of a diamond represent the four main components of its structure: Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat. When looking at a diamond, the eye perceives a balance between each of the characteristics making it look magnificent.

Each of the C's has its respective classification to evaluate quality. Although there is a universal terminology and a standard classification, it varies depending on the laboratory that certifies the piece. The most consistent entities (and from which we recommend obtaining a certificate) are the GIA and the AGS.

Gradients of the 4 Cs help determine the value of a diamond and indicate its quality. Knowing the basics of these graduations is very helpful when comparing two similar diamonds. Since as a buyer you can select a diamond according to the characteristics that you consider most important and it will help you select the ideal diamond for your partner.

Dídiamant Recommendation

Each of the 4 C's contributes to the overall beauty of a diamond and makes each stone unique. A diamond, however, must be seen as an organic whole. Because the eye has difficulty differentiating a component on its own, such as Clarity or Color, it is important to consider how the 4 Cs impact each other.

To evaluate a diamond using the 4 Cs, consider the following:

  • Cut: Make the Cut the main focus during your search, a good cut impacts the beauty of a diamond. Look for high levels of brilliance and fire, and be willing to cut your expenses in other areas such as Clarity or Color to ensure exceptional balance in your diamond.

  • Color: A diamond should be seen as white or colorless with the naked eye, however there are options that give yellowish tones that also look exquisite with certain settings.

  • Clarity: Choose a diamond that is clean from the eyes. Inclusions exist in all diamonds, it should be considered those that do not overshadow the beauty of the diamond.

  • Carat / Carat: The carat is the weight that your diamond will have, here you must consider the weight and ideal diamond shape for your partner's ring.

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