Diamond fluorescence is the visible light produced by diamond when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) / black light. This is produced by the reaction between the energy of light and the atoms of the diamond. In most cases, this fluorescence is BLUE.

There are different degrees of fluorescence. It is determined by comparing a diamond with exposure and ultraviolet radiation. If the diamond appears dark or opaque at this exposure, it is not fluorescent. Diamonds with "strong" or "very strong" fluorescence offer good value (price), as the price is slightly lower in the market. On rare occasions, fluorescence affects any kind of visual impact on the appearance of the diamond.

The scale used to define the fluorescence of the diamond is the following:

  • None

  • Weak

  • Medium

  • Strong

  • Very strong

In many cases, the buyer chooses a diamond that is at a very good price and the reason is that it has fluorescence. In certain cases, it can affect the diamond in a negative way. The effects that can occur in a fluorescent diamond is that the diamond has a milky or hazy effect. The diamonds most likely to be affected are those with "Strong" or "Very Strong" fluorescence.

Tip "fluorescence"

When a diamond is K or higher in color, the blue fluorescence can help make the diamond appear colorless. When a diamond fluoresces yellow, it can make the diamond appear more yellow.

Dídiamant Recommendation

Try not to buy a fluorescent diamanate, our advisors will be able to support you when selecting your diamond.